From Lazy to Lively!

I was a lazy housewife.  The haven my husband and I were building together was in a perpetual state of messiness, 24/7.


A rather apt depiction of me sans red hair and cigarette.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved having company over and would scrub my tail off for a few hours before any get-together.  I would also close our bedroom door where piles of random clutter was stashed moments before our first guest arrived.  If someone asked to use the master bathroom during said shin-dig?  (A) If I had been drinking, the response was, “SURE!  Don’t judge me!”  (B) If I hadn’t been drinking… Um…  Thinking back, Scenario B has never occurred.


I may or may not look like this from time-to-time.

I poured over Pinterest “How-To Keep a Clean House” pins like a madwoman.  I bought a year’s supply of cleaning supplies from Amazon, including a cute little bucket to keep under the sink and drag around with me from room to room.  I envisioned having a home where someone could visit at 2:17pm on a random Tuesday and I WOULD NOT BE EMBARRASSED.


I was stockpiled.  I was prepared.

Trouble was, I would start cleaning the house (typically in the kitchen) and get side-tracked by detail-oriented jobs (organizing the junk drawer) instead of focusing on the bigger picture (the dishes or a dirty floor).  An hour later, I’d have a clean junk drawer and a dirtier kitchen than when I began.  I would get pissed off, start some coffee then go jump on Facebook (or Pinterest) for an hour.



Since I didn’t have a cleaning schedule, every room in the home was in a constant state of dishevelment and I was overwhelmed.  Like a deer in headlights, it froze me and stopped me from taking action.

Another issue that hindered me from keeping a clean home was the amount of stuff my husband and I had accumulated throughout the years together.  I started my own jewelry business, Shipwrecked Charms, in 2011 and my front room is dedicated to it.  I have more gemstones, metal, tools, findings, shipping supplies, and office equipment than you can shake a stick at.  My husband is a hobby hoarder and our home/garage was literally filled with beekeeping equipment, brewing supplies, leatherworking tools and a giant forge for metal working.


Shameless Plug

The monumental task of getting it all organized freaking paralyzed me.

I am creating this blog as a tool for you to use in order to transform your home into a Halcyon Haven.  Not familiar with the term Halcyon?  It means tranquil, peaceful, and carefree.  I don’t know about you but the idea of having a home like that is the physical embodiment of all the Pinterest items I’ve ever pinned.

I actualy made something i pinned in pinterest 1

And… it wasn’t a Pinterest Fail!

I am currently in the process of organizing my entire home and will be posting about my successes and failures in this endeavor.  I will share with you the documents I created that help me daily to channel my energies into something positive and productive.

Feel free to send me messages with questions or comments!  I would love to spend time helping you discover a plan that will work best for you.  I work from home and take care of a toddler.  I am currently 31 weeks pregnant as well.  To say I have my plate full is an understatement but I am here to encourage you!  You can do whatever you put your mind to, as long as you have a plan of action.





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