5 Minute Prep Meals

You can serve the fam something quick to make, hearty and low on carbs while still being a home-cooked meal.  ON A WEEKDAY.

This is my go-to meal plan 3/5 nights a week:  Protein + Veggies

No you did not misread my seasoning.  It’s bomb.


It’s simple, yet filling and you feel better afterwards than when you carb load.

Wham, bam, thank you Pam.  (Pam Olive Oil Cooking Spray, that is.)

  1. Chop up veggies – I use my onion dicer and it literally takes me 30-45 seconds depending on how many veggies I have that night.
  2. Drizzle veggies with olive oil and season to taste.
  3. Pick protein for the meal, season to taste and place on olive oil spritzed cookie sheet.
  4. Spread veggies around protein.
  5. Bake at 350° for however long it takes to cook.  You’re an adult.  You don’t need recipes.

 Tips & Tricks:  

  • Many stores sell pre-seasoned protein which will save you even more time.  I would do my research if you are watching your sodium, however.
  • There are several kitchen tools that will cut your prep time in half. I use a mandolin slicer all the time as well as my onion dicer.
  • As soon as you throw that pan in the oven, do your dishes. Get yourself back to having a clean sink immediately.

Easy as pie.  Or actually, easier than pie.


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