Find Your Morning Routine

Whether you be a stay-at-home-momma or a jet-setting woman who works long hours, find yourself a morning routine that works for you and your schedule.

morning routine

I’ve found that having a few hours to myself before the kiddo wakes up is my sanity-maker.  I wake up when the hubs leaves for work (5:45am AGH!) and immediately start my day.  If you’ve looked at my daily/weekly schedule, you would see that my morning routine consists of:

  1. Shower / Dress to Shoes
  2. Tidy Bathroom
  3. One Load of Laundry
  4. Make Bed
  5. Exercise
  6. Empty Dishwasher
  7. Morning Panda Planner
  8. Are clutter spots tidy?
  9. What is for dinner?
  10. E-mail / Jewelry / Social Media

This looks like a giant freaking list, doesn’t it?  IT TAKES NO TIME AT ALL.  Seriously, when I started doing this I realized it started my day off on the right foot and set the tone for what I planned on accomplishing further on down the line.

  1. Shower / Dress to Shoes – My biggest hindrance was not performing this action. Before I started planning my day, I would wake up, roll out of bed, and start a pot of coffee.  I would still be in PJs by the time Caroline took her noon nap.  I put off going to the Post Office to deliver jewelry  BECAUSE I WASN’T READY TO LEAVE THE HOUSE before the mail carrier took all the packages at 2:15pm so I just procrastinated until the next day.  Lame.
  2. Tidy Bathroom – On Fridays, I clean the inside of my shower with a vinegar/Dawn soap mixture while I’m showering.  Every day, I squeegee off the water from the glass when I’m done. After I’ve done my hair and make-up (this doesn’t happen everyday, honestly), I put everything away where it goes, wipe down countertops and grab laundry from the night before to start a load.
  3. One Load of Laundry – I start a load of laundry and remove yesterday’s laundry from the dryer.  This would work better if I actually completed a load of laundry in one day but I digress.  I fold/hang-up and put away laundry from the day before.
  4. Make Bed – I head back to my room to make the bed.  Yes, with the fancy pillows. This way, every time I walk into my room to put something up, I feel a sense of accomplishment from having a flashy bed.  It really does make me feel like a bad ass.
  5. Exercise – I’ve been counting my deep cleaning as exercise.  I am on my feet for about 10 hours a day taking care of business so if anyone wants to tell me I’m not getting my allotted exercise in, I’ll punch them in the 6-pack.  Once my home is in order, I will start an actual exercise regimen.
  6. Empty Dishwasher – Onto the kitchen!  I empty out the dishwasher from the night before.  Since I keep up with this on a daily basis, it takes seconds.
  7. Morning Panda Planner – So my SIL gave me a Panda Planner and it’s seriously the best calendar / planner on the market in my opinion.  You can find it on Amazon and there are several reviews and “How-To-Use” videos online.  I love it.  I plan my day and write down goals I wish to accomplish.  This helps me stay on track.  I place the planner at my command center (which I describe in detail here.)
  8. Are clutter spots tidy?  I check the spots of my house where I know clutter seems to frequently accumulate and clean off if needed.
  9. What is for dinner?  Since I made a dinner plan last week, I can easily begin to defrost the protein and prep anything that needs to be done.
  10. E-mail/Jewelry/Social Media – Here I spend 30 minutes or so checking emails that came in overnight, fulfill jewelry orders and post on social media.  Facebook is my time-killer and caused me from accomplishing a lot of goals.  I began limiting my use to the morning and only give myself a few minutes to check my notifications after I accomplish a daily goal.

So that’s it.  10 easy steps to getting my morning off on the right foot.  I’m done with this by 7:00am and I can check off 10 items on my daily schedule.  Getting this accomplished every morning energizies me to complete the other tasks I’ve set for myself.  I will never not have a morning routine again.

I would love to hear about it if you decide to incorporate a morning routine into your daily tasks.  What works for you?  What doesn’t?

I started a Facebook group for us to get together and discuss and I would absolutely love to see you there!


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