Vinegar Tip #2

My shower has built up hard water spots galore because I haven’t wanted to clean with possibly hazardous fumes since I became pregnant.  All of my normal cleaning supplies have been stashed under the sink for months and I’ve been cleaning my shower with shampoo.  No, it doesn’t work.  Yes, I feel silly about it.


BEFORE:  My nasty, hard-water coated shower door.

Lo and Behold, I found a new use for vinegar this weekend while perusing Pinterest.

Mix Dawn soap and 9% cleaning strength vinegar (1:3) in a dish sponge with soap dispenser attached.  While you are taking your shower, scrub down all the glass parts (and tile parts if you are feeling froggy).  Rinse with water.  Squeegee dry when done with shower.

The Dawn and vinegar solution work like a charm.  Yes, it smells like a giant pickle in your shower until you are done and rinse with water.  Don’t be a wiener.


Then again, don’t.


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